Attending Harvard 2013

Altankhuyag Sanjaajamts (Youth Development Program Manager of MYDSC) and Otgonjin Tsogt (President of MYDSC) had successfully participated Harvard Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard University in Boston, MA. The conference took place on February 25 – 26, 2012.

We extend our “thank  you” to Sandy & Jeff Grubb in the States and Sven Koehler in Germany for their generous donations that made all possible.

MYDSC is partnering with local youth and Hailaast ADP of World Vision Mongolia to promote youth social entrepreneurship in Chingeltei District of Ulaanbaatar.

Both Altankhuyag and Otgonjin have learned so much from the workshops and panels on social entrepreneurship, and encouraged by the speakers to pursue our program on social entrepreneurship in Mongolia. They brought back new ideas and thoughts so that these can be realized in the programs for youth and the community sustainable development.

Below you can see the picture of Harvard Conference Participants: Vanchindorj Baasaikhuu, Manager of Hailaast ADP, WV Mongolia; Otgonjin Tsogt, and Altankhuyag Sanjaajamts.