Asian Girl Campaign Partner

MYDSC partners with The Garden of Hope Foundation of Taiwan to celebrate first UN International Day of a Girl Child in Asia Region and promotes rights of children particularly girls. The theme of the Asian Girl Child Campaign is “Empower the girls and Empower the World”.  MYDSC has been working to empower girls and boys in Mongolia since 2009. Currently we provide direct developmental services for over 600 youth in Mongolia and 65% of them are girls aged 12 – 17. These youth will have increased healthy behaviors, life skills and enhanced sense of purpose. MYDSC is a Replication Partner of Wyman ( a US based youth development organization and we successfully replicate evidence based TOP™ (Teen Outreach Program) in Mongolia.

Erdenetuul Batkhuyag, a 14-year old girl from Mongolia, was awarded to participate Asia Girls Exchange Program in Taiwan organized and funded by The Garden of Hope Foundation. She is student at school No.49 in Chingeltei district ger area and she has become outstanding a girl leader among her classmates, at her school and in the community. She is a youth club member of our TOP™ youth development program and she volunteers  at the first-ever youth established and operated Internet and Training Center called “E-Smile”. In the last two years she has become greatly impacted and empowered by the programs implemented by MYDSC. Our mission is to provide opportunities for many more girls and boys like Erdenetuul Batkhuyag living in the ger communities of Mongolia.

MYDSC promotes girls rights and empowerment in Mongolia on October 11th and 12th, 2012 by joining Asian Girl Campaign organized by The Garden of Hope Foundation. (more information here)

Erdenetuul Batkhuyag, a 14 year old girl who is a member of youth club of MYDSC, is in Taiwan attending Asian Girl Campaign with Otgontseren Samdandash, HR&Admin Manager of MYDSC. Please have a look at the following links.

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