Youth development forum 2013

MYDSC partnered with Hailaast and Chingeltei Area Development Programs of World Vision International Mongolia to organize first Youth Development Forum in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia in April 9 – 10, 2013. Over 800 adults and youth participants attended the forum sessions and panel presentations and discussions. The forum aimed to increase awareness on the need of evidence based after school youth development programming. MYDSC shared its experiences on school and community based after school programs in the ger communities of Chingeltei district of Ulaanbaatar. Currently, there are 23 clubs at 8 schools and 3 khoroos (communities) in the district and it provides school-year long program for youth aged 12 – 18 years. The schools and the communities play crucial role to provide sustainability to the program and MYDSC provides on-the-job supervision and observation to the facilitators of the clubs. There are 23 facilitators and these facilitators comprise of school teachers e.g. homeroom teachers, physical education teachers, language teachers etc.

Based on the last 4 years of experience implementing school and community based youth development programs, MYDSC is willing to expand the program in other urban and rural areas of Mongolia.