Sven Köhler

Webmaster, Technical advisor
 Sven Koehler

Sven Koehler

Hi. As a professional IT guy I volunteer for MYDSC because I know that the staff personnel is way too busy with their valuable NGO work. Being present in the Internet is a major goal of a NGO. Beside introducing the organization, documenting their work and success, this website is about donation and voluntary.

I joined MYDSC in 2011. That year was a special one for the organization. We had youth development program projects (social work) running in several schools but another milestone of the NGO’s program – Youth Entrepreneurship – hasn’t started yet. With the right concept of a youth driven Internet Center in suburban Chinggeltei area in Ulaan Baatar and some good support from World Vision Mongolia we made it happen. Eversince this project runs as a flagship project for our youth entrepreneurs.

Although my work for MYDSC does not necessarily require travelling to Mongolia, I’ve been there myself three times. It is heartbreaking to see how the staff members work with the youth in order to make them better and advanced people. This is kind of important because the Mongolian society can be rough causes social hurdles in order to make a living.