Capacity Building Program

MYDSC conducts regular on-the-job trainings for the social workers, teachers, and community based development workers who are facilitating youth clubs and/or planning to lead youth clubs. These trainings are organized once a week for two-hours that best suits to the schedules of the participants. The trainings are conducted in a group setting that it provides a room to learn from one another while introducing new concepts on youth development.

In addition, we organize annual and/or bi-annual training for “Youth club facilitators” to increase their capacity on youth development program methodologies and concepts.

These training programs designed on the needs of these professionals working to foster positive youth development in their own communities and at their schools, particular emphasis are given to provide practical tools that are practiced during a training sessions.The trainings consist of following components (some examples of training topics):

1. What is positive youth development and its theoretical perspectives >> Karen Pittman’s approach on positive youth development

2.  Youth development based on youth strength-based approach >> Search Institute concept on youth internal assets; Richard Lerner’s youth healthy behaviours concept

3. Ecological systems perspective on youth development >> Search Institute concept on youth external assets; and youth development 5Cs of American Promise Alliance

4. Youth development theories and perspectives of Jean Piaget, A. Maslow, E.Erickson, and C.Rogers.

5. Youth development group, group stages and processes, and facilitators roles in youth group aiming to achieve the goal

6. Youth development program methodologies:

  • John Dewey >> experiential learning techniques
  • Howard Gardner >> Eight multiple intelligiencies of learning