Youth Development Program

This program has been designed to provide an opportunity for youth having personal management, general social skills, and leadership skills and qualities that they will have healthy behaviors, life skills, and sense of purpose that will lead to positive and active citizens.

The program focuses on empowering youth in the group setting and engages them with the adults that have positive role models in the communities e.g. facilitators. The program activities are designed to put the youth at the center of learning processes through utilization of “experiential learning model” that focus on individual and group exercise, discussion, generalization, and reflection activities.

The youth learn following key contents of the curriculum that continues up to 39 weeks.

  1. Youth personal management skills
  2. Youth general social skills development
  3. Youth leadership skills development
  4. Youth skills on healthy behaviors
  5. Service learning of youth that they will develop sense of purpose while involved in different community service work

The Youth Development Program is conducted in the suburban area of Ulaan Baatar and in the Zaamar province.

The list of all participating schools and khooros can be found here.