Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program

Youth in the community will have an opportunity to participate in the development of their own communities as well as they learn key business skills while involved in their community development initiatives. The program goal is to build capacities of youth using strength based perspective that they involve in the “Youth Social Entrepreneurship Club” activities at their own communities. During their club activities youth will have increased personal management, communications, and leadership skills as well as business development skills which they used  to design a “socially oriented” enterprise business plan to be implemented in their own communities. MYDSC offers following program component when implementing community based youth  development program. These are:

1) Education on social entrepreneurship:

The different target groups in the communities are involved in educational and awareness raising activities that they learn on the key concepts of social entrepreneurship. These activities are organized at the schools, and the community centers.

2) Capacity building of community level youth development workers as “youth social entrepreneurship mentors”

Community based youth social workers are engaged from the inception of the project and have an enhanced capacity to provide support for the youth groups that are engaged in youth social entrepreneurship program in their communities.

3) Youth will have increased personal management, general social skills, and leadership skills:

Youth are involved in skills development workshops in small groups at the communities that it creates a foundation for youth to build on their skills to develop and implement their youth social entrepreneurship projects.

4) Sustainability:

Based on the experience of implementing their business plan, the youth will continue developing a plan to implement their social entrepreneurship project at their communities independently. Community based “youth social entrepreneurship mentor” will play a key role to provide support for the youth.

MYDSC is aiming to combine youth social entrepreneurship component of Ashoka Foundation, an international not-for-profit agency that promotes youth social entrepreneurship, and youth development through community service of WYMAN, US based youth development organization that promotes service learning program for youth, to implement community based youth development program and youth social entrepreneurship program. The developmental needs of Mongolia’s youth are carefully considered as well as local context and culture in the design of the program.